Pre-K Learning Strategies

cutieboy                Strategies To Try At Home

  • Have your child look at the pictures in a book and predict what the story will be about.
  • Read to your child and ask them questions about the story after reading.
  • Point out upper case or lower case letters in books as well as the letters on cereal boxes or other environmental print in your house. Point out letters in store or restaurant signs.
  • Talk about the sounds of the letters and practice them with your child.
  • Ask your child to write the letters that they have learned (T,S,P,O) or others.
  • Ask them to write their name or you write it and have them trace it.
  • Make letters out of play dough.
  • Read Nursery Rhymes with your child. Point out the rhyming words. It helps them build phonics skills.
  • Count pennies to 20. They love money. Talk about other coins with them.
  • Count fingers and toes.
  • Count steps down the stairs and up the stairs.
  • Have them count objects in books while you are reading them.
  • Go online to and have your child listen to the stories or play the games.
  • Talk about the colors of things. Play “I Spy” using colors and shapes. Not everyone knows all of their colors in our class. (I spy a blue circle).
  • We are learning about circles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhombus, octagon, sphere (globe), rectangular prism ( cereal box), and cones.
  • Thank you for all of your support! We appreciate all that you do!